Bikini body friendly snacks to get you through summer

Summer has well and truly arrived in the Southern Hemisphere and with it comes bikini season. We've rounded up our favourite healthy snacks that are so indulgent you'll forget it's been at least six weeks since you had a Caramello Koala. Enjoy responsibly!

Noshu Donuts

Noshu Donuts are the ultimate substitute for cake. They have more fibre than an apple and are made without sugar. The flavours are seriously decadent – banana and coconut is our favourite for a tropical treat. 

Alter Eco choclate truffles

Need a chocolate fix? We are huge fans of anything that comes in mini size and offers a salted caramel flavour. Enter Alter Eco truffles. Grab a couple when you feel like you could literally eat an entire family block of the good stuff and virtuously watch your cravings retreat.

Halot Top low calorie icecream

Halo Top icecream has finally hit Australia. The cult American product offers flavours such as 'birthday cake' and provides a great protein hit all while clocking in at less than 300 calories per pint. You read correctly, per pint.

Lesser Evil Popcorn

If savoury is more your jam then look no further than Lesser Evil avocado oil popcorn. It's got more fibre and flavour than a packet of chips. Available at About Life health food stores.

November 29, 2016 by Navy Team
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